Company History

Our Director Philosophy

At Southfork Childcare centre, we build caring, responsive relationships between our educators, children and families to create learning environments that foster a sense of belonging, provide rich opportunity for play, and cultivate each child’s competence, capacity and potential.

We believe that we have a great responsibility to the children and to the parents of these children to care for them in a manner that helps them to progress to the next stage of their lives. Our facility will focus on helping children to discover themselves as individuals and as a member of a group. We also make sure to create a strong bond with parents. Learning is developmental, and our facility’s expectations, guidelines and curriculum will respond to each child’s growth at their own pace. We believe that the most important gift is a sense of self, a positive sense of the world around them in which they can succeed, and a curiosity about love and learning. We will work very hard to develop this positive sense of self in each one of our children by creating an atmosphere of love, acceptance and fun.